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Welcome to Soft The Next, where innovation meets for Co-operative banks excellence. Our cutting-edge Cooperative Banking Software Solutions are designed to empower financial institutions and elevate the banking experience for both customers and professionals.

  1. Streamlined Account Management : A system to handle everything from opening new accounts to managing deposits, accessible from branch level to management.
  2. Streamlined Loan Application : The ERP software includes a simplified process for customers to apply for loan.
  3. Paperless Process : Instead of piles of paperwork, relationship managers can directly upload customer documents onto the ERP system.
  4. Secure Verification : Each step of the account opening process is verified using a one-time password (OTP) for added security.
  5. Customer Interest Management : A dedicated section to keep track of customers who have shown interest in banking services.
  6. Incentive Management : Tracking and managing incentives for relationship managers based on the deposits they collect.
  7. Performance Reports : Monthly and yearly performance reports for each branch, helping to analyze their performance.
  8. Employee Performance Tracking : Similar reports but for individual employees, assessing their contributions over time.
  9. Salary Slip Generation : Automated generation of salary slips for employees, including any incentives earned.
  10. Quick Access to Customer Details : A feature allowing the head of the bank to access customer information and documents with just one click.
  11. Customization Flexibility : The ERP system offers the flexibility to incorporate any custom requirements specific to the CO-OP Society Bank and Path Sastha, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of the organization.
  12. Low-cost Customization : Customization of the ERP software is done at a minimal cost, ensuring affordability for the organization.
  13. High Data Security : Implementation of stringent security measures to protect sensitive data.
  14. Training and Support : Comprehensive training and support services are provided to ensure smooth integration of custom requirements into the ERP system.

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