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• It shows all the facilities available.

NCERT Solutions

• It shows subject wise solutions.

Chapterwise Solutions

• It shows chapter wise solutions of a subject.

View pdf

• It shows the pdf to read of particular chapter.

Previous Year Questions

• Previous year question paper solutions.


• MCQ question answer model.


• Instructions for exam.

Exam View

• Questions with options,review later etc.


• Total Marks and description of answer.

Super Test Series

• Subject wise super test series.

Chapterwise Test

• Chapterwise test series.

Chapterwise Q/A

• Chapterwise question and answers.

Reference books

• Reference books subjectwise.

Syllabus for 10th

• School syllabus for class 10.

Live Classes

• you can register for live classes.

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• Edit educational,parent,contact information.