Sports Coaching App

Login Page

• It is a security mechanism that is used to restrict unauthorized access to member-only areas


• It contains session,reports,schools,coach shortcuts on screen.

Today's Session

• Todays Session details with information like coach name,contact no.,school name, timing,activity etc.

All Sessions

• It shows all details about the sessions.


• Shows the report of activities and learnings.

School List

• Select a school from the list to add session.

View Schools

•  List of all schools with details.

School Session

• List of sessions in a particular school.

Admin Panel

• Shows all the activities of admin.

Assign Session

• Particulars of assigning a session to school.


• Shows attendance of coaches with details of particular session.


• It shows list of schools with sport equipments.

Coach Dashboard

• It shows all actions for coach.

Coach Details

• It shows contact information of coach.

Coach Assign

• Coach is assigned to particular school.


• Student report card which shows progress of student.


• Coach details,report cards,inventory etc .

Report Card

• Shows report of student.


• Shows inventory of own school.

Marked Students

• Shows list of marked students.