1 Year Package

8000 Rs.

12 Months

Inventory & Billing Software


• Total counts of products,customers,bills,stocks,and graphs for records

Add Customers

• Customers details are first added from here.

View Customers

• View customers with option to edit their details.

Add Products

• Description of a particular product like unit,cost price,sell price etc.

View Products

• View all added products.

Add Quotation.

• Add Quotation for customers from here.

Add Expense

• One can add daily expenses.

Daily Expense

• One can keep track of daily expenses.

Daily Report

• Daily report of sales and expenses.

GST Report

• Total GST report in a selected time.

Invoice Pdf

• Invoice pdf which is generated after every bill.

Delivery Challan

• Invoice delivery challan print.

Quotation Pdf

• Quotation pdf with given format.

Add Bill

• Make invoice with the products details .

GST Report

• Select dates interval for GST report.

Customer Bill Pending

• Pending Bills of Customer.

Customerwise Report

• Get report of particular customer invoices.

Pending Amount

• Get pending amount cleared any time.

Balance Sheet

• Get balance sheet between any dates.

Productwise Report

• Get productwise sales reports.